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The Aroma App is an online community for essential oil enthusiasts.

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  • The Aroma App is the ideal way to store all your favourite aromatherapy recipes – and you can choose whether to keep them private, or share them with the community!


  • Need inspiration? Browse hundreds of aromatherapy blends, organised by category and method of application


  • Personalize your blending experience! You can choose to filter the results based on the oils you’ve got in your own collection


  • Learn more about aromatherapy by accessing detailed profiles for 100 essential oils (* premium users only)


  • Customize any blend – easily adjust the quantities in one click, with a choice of metric or imperial measurements


  • Advanced search options allow you to easily find the recipe you need. Ever got a new essential oil and thought “What blends can I make with this…?”


  • Just want to see blends that are pregnancy-safe? Easy! Maybe you’re just looking for blends that are safe for children? No problem!


  • Enjoy aromatherapy safely with auto-generated safety precautions for every blend – including your own!


  • Get interactive by adding comments and ratings to other blends. You can even send messages to other users and create a watch list to receive notifications on your favourite blends!


  • The Aroma App is compatible with all devices – even desktop computers!


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